My Adventure @ VNGRS

Hello, I am Mehmet Bora Ezer. I worked at VNGRS as an intern for four months last summer. I would like to inform you about my experience.

If I need to inform you about myself, I am a fourth year student in Computer Engineering Department in Karadeniz Technical University. After completing my internship at VNGRS I started working as a software developer at Qualify Labs.

Application process of my internship went like this: I found about the opportunity at VNGRS during Kodla event when I met Ekin Gecikligün and Mehmet Ali Gözaydın whom we invited as speakers. After that, I contacted Türkan Yüzmüş and learned that I had to go through an evaluation process. Then I was sent a challenge and asked to make a small project. The challenge was instructive and entertaining for me. It was time for the interview after the evaluation. We had an interview on hangouts. We talked about my interests and what I could find there. In my opinion, all of these are important and necessary because internship is really important for an engineering student. Theoretical knowledge that we get from school might reflect differently in work life. In general, I have to say that I found the application and evaluation process professional and well-organized.

How did the internship go?

First of all, after the application experience I had, I was motivated and curious when I set foot in VNGRS office. From the beginning to the end, I had a chance to work with a team that was quite experienced and fun. What I liked from my first day was that there was no hierarchy between people. Formality was replaced with a better communication. I was impressed and pleased by the communication between team members.

Another thing that improved me during my time at VNGRS was meeting Agile. VNGRS is a company that uses Agile methodologies. I started learning Agile and software developing methodologies in general here.

During my internship, I worked with different programming languages and subjects. To exemplify:

  • Python
    • Flask
  • Node.js
  • OS Virtualization
    • Virtualbox
    • Vagrant
  • Bash Script
  • AppleScript and Automator
  • Java
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Jenkins
  • Agile Methodologies

The things I worked on were not tasks given just to keep me busy. I actually carried out tasks in projects. It was not different from a real job experience. I attended daily, grooming and planning meetings of projects. I fulfilled my assignments. I had to learn new things constantly and that really improved me.

During the time I was in the office, I did not hesitate to communicate with people and ask questions. I got answers for my questions too. These are very important. It is great to benefit from people’s experience. I worked with people who are more experienced than me and I started to understand how to do the job better.

As our job requires, we always have to renew ourselves. Working with people who have vision helps you evolve in the right direction. The people you work with determines the quality of your work. I experienced all of these in my internship.

To be brief, the four months I spent at VNGRS was informative, entertaining and pleasant for me. Last of all, I found the job I currently work at by means of my internship at VNGRS.

I would like to thank VNGRS for everything.